3. CSR
  4. Enhancement of employment opportunities

Enhancement of employment opportunities by expanding employment categories (Indonesia)

Unicharm has created job opportunities for Women

It was 1997 when we first established our production site in Indonesia. Since that time, we have directly employed many women as packagers. In 2013, we expanded job categories for women and hired women for the first time as equipment operators, positions for which we had only hired men before. After receiving training in Japan and Indonesia in order to gain the necessary skills, the five women who were hired as operators have been rising to the challenge in their new jobs. We at Unicharm support the social advancement of Indonesian women by enhancing employment opportunities as well as by promoting our products.

Our production activity in Indonesia is an important hub which provided us with a significant awareness in developing overseas business. In 1997, when we first expanded our business to Indonesia, we produced and sold the disposable diapers “MamyPoko,” the same product available in Japan. We soon realized, however, that in Indonesia “MamyPoko” was a luxury product, out of reach of the common people. So we conducted detailed surveys by home-to-home visit, sometimes even by home stays, in order to fully understand everyday life in Indonesia, including local climate and culture. We were then able to offer the more affordable product “MamyPoko PantsStandar,” by eliminating and enhancing functions according to their needs. As Indonesian people don’t generally make bulk purchases, we introduced a system by which they can buy diapers individually, which became very popular.

A new woman equipment operator

Wulan Pertiwi

“I wanted to become an equipment operator because I was seeking some new experiences. I enjoy working as an operator, and my work feels meaningful. I aspire to be the first woman to become a member of the maintenance team in Unicharm Indonesia in the future.”

A new woman equipment operator

Rita Teja Sumiarti

“It has been about 6 months since I became an equipment operator. Now I am able to deal with minor troubles. I aim to improve my skills by leaning more technical skills.”